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Holding processors accountable..... 

so YOU can focus on running YOUR business.

We even handle your PCI DSS Compliance!

No Credit Card Required

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Hi! Sarah here.

Your analysis is complete, we've implemented the changes with your processor and you are good to go!

Great! Thanks so much!

Why understanding merchant services is so hard.

My pleasure! ​

Let me know if you have any questions!

What Our Members have to Say


From merchant account setup to recovering overcharges, the team of Sherpa experts has you covered.


We audit your monthly statements and your PCI compliance information. We'll talk with your vendors, restructure your agreements, manage your rates and fees, get and keep you compliant with PCI DSS so you run your business with less stress.

About Us

Why did we choose "Sherpa" for Merchants?


A Sherpa is an experienced guide...with excellent skills, paid to prepare the route and carry the necessary tools to help you reach the summit.

That is precisely what we do for our members!

With everything it takes to run a small business and with all the demands on owners day in and day out, it is critically important to have partners that can come along side them and carry some of the burden.

Anyone who owns or operates a business accepting credit cards payments knows what a vital role those funds play in cash flow. The downside to accepting electronic payments has always been the lack of clarity and/or transparency from those organizations that provide these services, not to mention the poor customer service. 

Joining Sherpa for Merchants will take the weight off your shoulders

We are more than advocacy.

We are membership that delivers.

As a Sherpa for Merchants member, we carry the load.

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